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Extra White Space in Notes - Chrome and Edge - On Prem 8.2.8+

  • 1.  Extra White Space in Notes - Chrome and Edge - On Prem 8.2.8+

    Posted Sep 17, 2019 10:54 AM
    ​Is anyone else experiencing issues with Notes in the Social Pane displaying extra white space. or seen a reported bug? Enough white space below the actual note that it restricts users from seeing the created on date/by and if there are additional notes unless using the vertical scroll bar in the Social Pane.

    We noticed the issue in On Prem 8.2.8 and just updated to 8.2.9 with the same issue. It is occurring in Chrome (Version 77.0.3865.75) and Edge, but not Internet Explorer 11.

    Few troubleshooting notes:
    1. If the user clicks into the Note, then clicks out, the notes all shrink back to the actual height of the text and appear like they have historically.
    2. The issue also becomes resolved zooming in/out the main form containing the Social Pane using browser controls.
    3. The issue only seems to occur when Notes are the default tab of the Social Pane; when Activities are set to display by default, and the user clicks the Notes tab to view Notes, they appear as normal.
    4. No enabled form scripts; legacy form rendering not enabled.
    Thanks in advance for any pointers!

    Julie Wimer
    CRM Administrator
    CGB Enterprises, Inc.
    Covington LA

  • 2.  RE: Extra White Space in Notes - Chrome and Edge - On Prem 8.2.8+

    Posted Mar 05, 2020 06:48 PM
    Just posting to see if Julie or anyone else found a solution to this.

    Mayank Agrawal
    CRM Team Lead
    Medline Industries
    Northfield IL

  • 3.  RE: Extra White Space in Notes - Chrome and Edge - On Prem 8.2.8+

    Posted 28 days ago
    Edited by Nicholas Arbour 28 days ago
    Hello All,

    I had a similar issue to this when we moved to the newer instances of the D365 online environment. (Not on-prem I know, but similar issue) Where our Tickets (Cases entity) was set to show the Post/Notes/Timeline section and when the record was opened it would default to the "Notes" section of that portion of the Form.

    However, we were getting a very, very large space between the actual notes in the record and the time/date/user who added those notes. I'm not sure if it's been resolved, as I have not tested yet but after having contacting Microsoft Support through the Power Platform Administration Center, they suggested going into the properties of the Form and navigating the Notes/Timeline properties settings. Once here, you can select a different "Default" tab to open to. This worked perfectly, although end users do need one extra click to get to the "Notes" section within the Timeline. However, it does seem to load the Notes section properly now that I have defaulted the option to show something else when the Form loads, with no additional space shown in the Notes section.

    I have provided screenshots below;

    1. Navigate to the Entity Form that holds the Timeline with the issue under Customization (or Solutions>Solution you wish to customize, depending on how you manage your customizations)
     2. Navigate to the "Display" sub-category tab, under "Web Client Properties" in the Notes/Timeline Properties (double-click the Timeline object)
    3. Under "Default Tab" select something other than "Notes" to default to when loading the Form

    We have selected "Activities" to show as Default, as it still shows the entirety of the history of all ActivityPointerBase actions that have taken place and are related to the record. This can include (depending on what your settings are for Activities being tracked) Tasks/Phone Calls/Emails sent on behalf of D365 (as in a Case Resolution)/Appointments/Notes.

    I believe this is what you are looking for but, I am still learning D365 myself and am in no way an expert on customizations. However, something to test perhaps in case that resolves the issue? The option/setting to show Notes by default is easily revertible if that does not resolve the issue.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Thank you,

    Nicholas Arbour
    Whitefish Bay WI

  • 4.  RE: Extra White Space in Notes - Chrome and Edge - On Prem 8.2.8+

    Posted 28 days ago
    Hi Nicholas,

    I appreciate you taking the time to send detailed instructions!

    Our users heavily use notes and would like to keep notes as the Default tab. However, for any others who don't need to, this should be an acceptable work around.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Mayank Agrawal
    CRM Team Lead
    Medline Industries
    Northfield IL

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