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Interactive dashboard charts and option set colours

  • 1.  Interactive dashboard charts and option set colours

    Posted Sep 05, 2019 03:24 AM

    I have created a chart, which is used on an interactive dashboard. The chart uses End Time and Appointment Status (custom field) as the categories. 

    I have defined the colours for each of the option set values:

    When the chart is displayed in the dashboard it uses the colours defined in the PaletteCustomColors in the XML. :

    However, when you drill into the data (e.g. when I click on Sep 2019) then the colours defined in the option set are used for the column, but the legend is displayed based on the PaletteCustomColors in the XML.

    I could change the Palette colours in the XML. However, the colours used are based on the data available. E.g. if you drill down and there are only appointments with planned status, the first colour in the palette will be used - and that is the colour used in other charts for completed status.

    @Ulrik Carlsson has written a post about specifying exact colours for​ each category in the chart in this blog post. However, I don't think these XML modifications will work in Unified Interface. Moreover, since it's an interactive dashboard, the colours defined in the option set will most certainly overrule the ones defined in the XML when you drill down.

    Is there any way you can force the chart to only use the option set colours? Or is that only possible if you only include one category in the chart (the appointment status)?


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