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addOnPostSave 9.1 on-premise

  • 1.  addOnPostSave 9.1 on-premise

    Posted May 12, 2022 09:35 PM

    I am trying to use using the Unified Interface in 9.1 on-premise. It doesn't seem to work. I am guessing addOnPostSave is not supported in the Unified Interface for on-premise? It works fine for me in the cloud with the same exact code.

    PostSave Event (Client API reference) in model-driven apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

    When I try to use it in on load I get it this:

    TypeError: is not a function
    at addMessageToOnPostSave (https:///webresources/testonloadnewui:3:29)
    at il.executeFunction (https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:1099:3413)
    at il.execute (https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:1099:3058)
    at https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:102:20676
    at i (https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:219:91)
    at V._executeIndividualEvent (https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:102:20652)
    at V._executeEventHandler (https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:102:18259)
    at Object.execute (https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:102:15586)
    at w._executeSyncAction (https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:719:692)
    at w._executeSync (https:///uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.3961-v91onpremise:719:419)

    Jeff Lucas
    Business Applications Engineer

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