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Field Service - Select and Add Work Order Products from Customer Assets list

  • 1.  Field Service - Select and Add Work Order Products from Customer Assets list

    Posted Aug 12, 2019 02:36 PM

    This requirement came because the assets list is a reference for our users, but still has a lot of items on it, such that it would be really efficient to pick (10 for example) from the assets list (50 for example) the ones to be added as WO products in the newly created WO instead of eliminating 40 items....

    I am looking into a few no code options to give the user the possibility to generate WO products based on the customer assets and the option I am testing now is the following:

    • The user creates a new WO with basic info (no WO Products) and saves it
    • On the WO screen I configured a list of assets the user can see for that particular account
    • User exports Account Assets to Excel Online and marks the assets that he wants to add to the Work Order Products (I created a field on Customer Assets - "Add To WO Products" which they mark "yes" - it is NO by default and it changes upon WO Product creation)
    •  Now I want to capture all the Products that the selected assets originate from and create new WO Products in the existing WO: this is the step where I am stuck.... my vision is to use either the BPF and trigger a workflow or just an on demand workflow. I am stuck because even if I confirm that the user has marked the assets, I can't get to transfer the Product info from the asset to the new WO product.
    Anybody ran into this by any chance or has any idea how to accomplish it no code?...Thank in advance,


    Emilia Scott


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