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CRM 365 - Timeline not working in Case form

  • 1.  CRM 365 - Timeline not working in Case form

    Posted Sep 19, 2019 01:12 PM

    we have switched CRM 365 to Unified Interface and now few user complaining they are getting "An Unexpected error occurred" in Timeline section only in case forms only (In production environment only, in UAT timeline is working fine for same user).

    we have tried in IE, Chrome & edge browser, same issue is happening and tried clearing cache but issue is not resolved. The only error I found in  developer tool is following

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'IconVectorName' of undefined
        at TimelineImage.getEntityImage (TimeLineWallControl.js:2)
        at TimelineImage.render (TimeLineWallControl.js:2)
        at Timeline.getGroupContainer (TimeLineWallControl.js:2)
        at Timeline.render (TimeLineWallControl.js:2)
        at TimelineWall.renderTimelineComponent (TimeLineWallControl.js:2)
        at TimelineWall.updateView (TimeLineWallControl.js:2)
        at CustomControlHostRoot._renderMainControlComponent (editformpage.js?v=1.3.2281-190913-202215:46)
        at CustomControlHostRoot.renderWrappedMainElement (editformpage.js?v=1.3.2281-190913-202215:46)
        at CustomControlHostRoot._renderInternal (editformpage.js?v=1.3.2281-190913-202215:46)
        at CustomControlHostRoot.render (editformpage.js?v=1.3.2281-190913-202215:46)

    Need help in resolving the issue.

    Neha Marwaha
    Programmer Analyst
    Cineplex Inc.
    Toronto ON
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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