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    Posted Oct 03, 2019 01:01 PM
    We use the Outlook D365 tracking feature for all of our contacts. I am bumping up against a problem though. We also use Click Dimensions Campaign Automation for an HR Onboarding campaign. Because of that, some of our org users are also contacts in D365 to take advantage of the campaign automation (users are not an option to add to a marketing list, we have to use contacts). I am finding that the Tracking feature is tracking those employee/contacts and we don't want them to because of possible confidential communications. My question is: can we turn off tracking at the CONTACT level? I know I can turn it off for the org but that won't work. I want to exclude a select group of contacts to never be tracked. Any suggestions?

    Royann Schmidgall
    Sr. Mgr. Operations
    McGhee Productivity Solutions
    Parker CO

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