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Auto Assign Case numbers

  • 1.  Auto Assign Case numbers

    Posted 16 days ago
    Since we started with CRM, we have had the case # auto generate for us.  19-######, 20-######, 21-######.  Our original consultant supposedly set up us so that the Prefix changed on 1/1 of each year to be the last 2 digits of the year, and that the suffix would reset back to 000000, to make sure that we didn't run out of numbers.  Our prefix is changing correctly, but our suffix is not.  I looked in Advanced Settings > Settings > Administration > Auto-Numbering, but the information on the Cases tab does not match what we are doing.

    ​In order to achieve what we want, do we need to build something custom, or is there a way to do it in the system?

    Tina Silver
    Sr BSA, CSM®
    SR Smith, LLC
    Canby OR
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  • 2.  RE: Auto Assign Case numbers

    Posted 15 days ago

    An option to manage numbering sequences is the Auto Number Manager tool that is available in XrmToolBox.  I have not written any scripts to automatically reset the sequence back to "1" at the start of the year but the steps can be accomplished manually very quickly.  We are using Auto Number Manager to reset a sequence for a client at the start of the year and the format is the same as yours, 19-#####, 20-######, 21-######, etc.  This approach did entail creating a separate table (entity), specifying a number format such as "{DATETIMEUTC.yy}-{SEQNUM:6}, writing some traditional workflows, and then each year we manually enter the "seed" value of "000001".

    I am not recommending this as the approach for you but stating that there is an available option to handle this.  If at all possible, the recommended approach is finding out how your original consultant accomplished the customization and continue to use that method as there could be other configuration related to it.

    I hope this helps!


    Jim Lorrig
    Senior Business Solutions Consultant
    Heartland Business Systems
    Little Chute

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