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SharePoint/CRM 365 Integration

  • 1.  SharePoint/CRM 365 Integration

    Posted 19 days ago

    We are trying to upload attachments (pdf) to SharePoint (online) list entries from a SQL database (DB ABC). The attachments are saved as binary (hex) value in a SQL table. These are attachments for a master data which we have directly uploaded from SQL to SharePoint as list items. We can output the binary data out into individual files with a unique filename (matching serial number for a list column) but how can we upload it to the associated list items?

    Is it more easier if we integrate CRM 365 on-premise with SharePoint online, then using SSIS bring all the data and its attachments as notes from DB ABC to CRM in a custom entity and then send the data from CRM to SharePoint online?

    Thanks for your response.

    Debargh Acharya
    CRM Developer/Admin
    Oxbo International Corporation
    Marietta GA
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: SharePoint/CRM 365 Integration

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hi Debargh, It sounds like you have a sharepoint challenge and are only asking here if changing them to note attachments and using the D365 to Sharepoint integration would be a good method.  It's possible I'm reading it wrong.  Did you resolve your issue?

    The D365 to Sharepoint integration does not work with attachments from Notes that I am aware of.  It only allows entities that you designate to have their own document library in sharepoint, then creates a folder for each record that a user navigates to Documents for.  It does create a separate CRM record for each in the background (Document Location), such that I expect you could create it all in reverse if needed using Power Automate.

    But I'm not sure if that is the target of your question.  I just wanted to invite more conversation on the topic if it is something related to the CRM to Sharepoint interaction.

    Tim Miller
    IT Manager
    R.L. Deppmann

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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