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Roll-up fields - relationship query

  • 1.  Roll-up fields - relationship query

    Posted 19 days ago

    My ACCOUNTS entity has a with a one-to-many relationship to an entity called Enrolments, and the Enrolments entity has a many to one relationship to an entity called Courses.

    What I want to do is to create a roll-up field on the ACCOUNT form to show the total of the enrolments associated with that account, but where the course which relates to the enrolment contains a certain choice in one of the other fields on the course entity.

    Is this possible at all without having to create an "inbetween" roll-up field on the Enrolment form ?

    If anyone is able to offer any suggestions on this it will be received with much thanks and appreciation.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Nigel Cole
    CRM Administrator

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