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Dynamics 365- Issues with Email Tracking & Replies

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    Posted 30 days ago

    Greetings Community,
    Two weeks ago our organization started experiencing issues with email tracking when using the Dynamics App for Outlook.

    Problem: Shortly after populating the "Set Regarding" field with a valid record (Account, Opportunity, etc.) the following message displays: "No Data Available. Email isn't being followed". It takes approx. 5-10 mins for the message to appear. The original email tracks properly to the record and can bee seen in the timeline, but replies from those included in the original email DO NOT TRACK. See example A showing the message.

    This used to work seamlessly for us. We opened a ticket with Microsoft and met with one of the engineers yesterday and he said we would have to change our users email settings to "All Email Messages" for the replies to track. Which wasnt the case in the past fo us. It's my understanding that would essentially track every email coming into the user's mailbox to dynamics (not specific to a record), which we don't want. We currently have all of our users set to "Email messages in response to dynamics 365 mail", which has always allowed them to set relevant emails & appointments to the things they are working on in Dynamics and we had no issues with the entire email string tracking to Dynamics. See example B showing users settings.

    My questions to all of you are:
    1. Are you seeing this pop-up message? If yes, have you opened a ticket with Microsoft and received a reply with guidance that fixed the issue?
    2. Are you experiencing issues with replies (to the same emails string) tracking to Dynamics?
    3. If you aren't having any issues whatsoever, how do you have your users personal email settings configured? 

    We're using Outlook Version:

    Dynamics Version- Online:

    Example A

    Example B

    Looking forward to the conversation and help!!

    Thank You,
    Julie Claycomb

    @Vaibhavi Pandya @Terri Hardy

    Julie Claycomb
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    Pittsburgh PA

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