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Codeless solution for capturing new data

  • 1.  Codeless solution for capturing new data

    Posted Aug 08, 2019 11:30 AM
    Hello All!  Thanks for the great content I've been reading for a while now.  I thought I'd try passing a question of my own through here...
    My goal is to see if I can achieve my need without code.

    I have to track some new data at the Opportunity Line level.  The trick is that one answer may relate to many lines, and it's not reasonable to ask the users to repeat the same answer over and over.  .  So I can not simply present a view of lines on the Opportunity with the new fields to fill in.

    Having a new entity that relates to the Opportunity is what makes sense to me  This picture below represents the general need and a potential method.  Actually, the CategoryField is two levels deeper, in an entity related to the Product.  But I could have a workflow that put it on the Opportunity Line if needed.   Many lines won't have a CategoryField at all, but some Opportunities will have many lines, where multiple CategoryFields occur multiple times, and only require one answer for each.

    I don't see how this solution pictured below would happen without code (the option set).  Another option could be to have a new line created in the NewEntity on create of an Opportunity Line, but then I would need to somehow restrict additional lines from creating, if subsequent Opportunity Lines were added with the same CategoryField (and workflows don't seem to have an IF EXISTS type condition).

    Typing this didn't reveal an answer to me, so it's time to press send and hope there's a method I'm unaware of :)
    I'm On-Premise (8.2), but glad to hear "if you were online" thoughts also because I'm heading that way.  Thanks for any feedback!

    Tim Miller
    IT Manager
    R.L. Deppmann

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