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Cascade Record Ownership from Account down to Children

  • 1.  Cascade Record Ownership from Account down to Children

    Posted 20 days ago
    Edited by Shawn Hickey 20 days ago
    We have the concept of "Account Teams", which are groups of people assigned to a specific account (account managers, marketing leads, proposal coordinators, etc.). Each Account needs to have its own Account Team as the members vary for each account.  Access to records related to that account (i.e. Agreements) need to be restricted to users in that specific team.  This is because child records contain client sensitive information that shouldn't be available outside the team.

    We originally tried to set individual access teams for each child record, but that didn't scale and caused performance issues as users were added and removed from the team.  We are now thinking we can define the owner team at the account level and then each child record would be owned by the owner team for that account.  As users are added or removed from the owner team they would automatically inherit access to the child records since the ownership is already in place.

    Has anybody implemented anything like this before?  Open to suggestions.

    Shawn Hickey
    Burns & McDonnell
    Kansas City MO
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  • 2.  RE: Cascade Record Ownership from Account down to Children

    Posted 20 days ago

    Hi Shawn

    I have done this a few times. Owner teams within Power Apps and Dynamics should be considered any grouping of people, the structure of Teams and Business Units may resemble your organisation structure, but should not replicate it. I tend to add a choice column (option set attribute) to the Team table(entity). This provides the choice of something like "organisational", "functional", "security", this isn't necessary, but helps with admin.  For this, I assume that each Account team could potentially be unique you may want to have an attribute of Account Management

    Owner teams work well for when records are reassigned, but sometimes need a bit of help for when new child records are created.

    There is a limitation of using ONLY owner teams for this, which isn't clear whether this would be an issue: If different users need different levels of access to the child records, then they cannot have any access to other account and child records.

    For example
    Role 1, is able to create
    Role 2 is able to create and edit
    Role 3 is able to create, edit and delete
    These roles role would have the varying privilege for the account and it's child records at BU, PC or ORG level, EXCLUDING read and assign
    Read and Assign at user level would be assigned to the team owning the account. The layering of these roles would provide the necessary access.

    However, if users do need limited access to some other accounts/child records, then the members of a specific account team would all need to have the same access to those records.

    I imagine the difficulty may come to the Account entity itself... eg everyone can read all accounts, but only Account Managers can edit the accounts for which they are in the team for - this may then be a use case for a share (either to user or access team).

    Hope this helps


    Jamie Hirst
    Functional Consultant
    Hirst Dynamics

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