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Business Units, Security Roles and Teams

  • 1.  Business Units, Security Roles and Teams

    Posted Aug 15, 2019 06:11 AM

    Hi folks,

    I have had a report from our support team that we're having some issues relating to a users teams and security roles. They think that there may be an issue with the order in which we're setting up users, so I thought I would check with the experts.

    I know that changing a business unit clears the security role, so you have to set the business unit first but I'm wondering if, in theory, there's any issue in assigning a user to teams before giving a security role? We have a slightly awkward process which involves licences, business units and teams being set up by one team and then the security role being activated by another.

    Kind regards,


    Matt Taylor
    Senior CRM Analyst
    Charity Sector

  • 2.  RE: Business Units, Security Roles and Teams

    Posted Aug 16, 2019 01:48 AM
    I try to make all security based on the team. So if they belong to the team the get all the security roles that is required.

    Only issue is that the user has to belong to at least one security role to get access to the system. So in last few implementations I have created a Default security role to assign people to.

    Rick Biezen
    Xecutable Pty Limited


  • 3.  RE: Business Units, Security Roles and Teams

    Posted Aug 16, 2019 03:46 AM
    Rick, I am not sure that is true, as the blog below explains. Unless things have changed recently.

    James Rees



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