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Field Service "Schedule Types" property

  • 1.  Field Service "Schedule Types" property

    Posted 19 days ago
    Hello!  Hoping an easy question for Field Service fans.

    On the Schedule Board, you can customize various display points including the actually "block" data, which they are referring to as the Booking Template.
    These customizations are set within the schedule board View, in the "Schedule Types" section.

    That section has types:  None; Appointment; and Work Order.
    We create the majority of our bookings from within a work order.  They are therefore related to a work order, and follow the Schedule Type "Work Order" in terms of how they are displayed on the Schedule Board.  So far so good!

    If I create a booking independent of a work order, they are displayed on the board via one of the other Schedule Types.  Presuming "Appointment".  Ok this makes sense.

    However if I later associate that booking to a Work Order manually, this does not change how the Schedule Board sees it in terms of "Schedule Type".  It still does not follow the "Work Order" template.  I can see it from the work order of course.  But I can not find any properties that change how the schedule board sees it.  I would just assume that there is some field that needs to be flipped (must be right?), but I am not putting my finger on it.

    Any insight would be much appreciated!

    Tim Miller
    IT Manager
    R.L. Deppmann
    Novi MI

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