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Managing Leads and Contacts (existing owners) in DCRM

  • 1.  Managing Leads and Contacts (existing owners) in DCRM

    Posted 8 days ago

    I am looking for feedback on how other Dynamics CRM customers are engaging consumer leads and contacts within DCRM - while following similar milestones within the business process. We have a standard business process that aligns with the purchase funnel

    To add some context of current process/strategy for leads:

    1. We use Marketo lead management which is sync'd 1:1 with Dynamics.

    2. Marketo data is flat. Meaning they are person records with attributes. They either sync as a contact or a lead to DCRM. Opportunities, Accounts, etc... do not sync.

    3. Marketing generated leads go through a scoring matrix to build up to a threshold of "X" to become a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). MQLs are then delivered to Sales via dashboards/views in DCRM and they are worked into a few possible streams.

    4. MQL's delivered to sales could be recycled for additional nurturing OR qualified into an opportunity (QO).

    5. Sales will not qualify into opportunity until contact attempts/made are completed and they have validated there is an "active project".

    Now the tricky part - Contacts 

    1. Similar to #4 for leads - a Contact that is back in market could go through very similar actions to nurture them up to a threshold of "X" essentially becoming a new "lead" where it will need sales follow up prior to qualifying them. When I say lead I mean potential project... not lead record in the system.


    1. How are others driving the same business process for back-in-market Contacts (new leads) so that you can do the following:
    • Drive a consistent business process across record types (lead or contact) into a qualified opportunity
      • contact attempted, contact made, potential project type, Est revenue, etc..
    • Recycle a contact back in market for nurturing if they do not meet the criteria of a QO

    2. How have my fellow CRMUG CE members been able to drive this within your businesses and stay either out-of-box or near out-of-box to avoid crippling customizations, support issues, etc?

    Other Thoughts:

    I do not feel like we are that unique where we are re-engaging contacts with potential new sales. I think for us driving the business process the same across multiple record types is where we are getting stuck.

    Reporting needs. Our goal with all of this is to again show the purchase funnel at a high-level and regardless of a being a new "lead" unknown that goes through the funnel the first time OR a returning customer (contact) goes through it a second time - the milestones need to be the same at each stage and the process needs to be the same for the business to drive consistency.

    Thank you!


    Scott Grosse
    IT Digital Services Product Owner

    The first step toward cloud success. - Migrate from CRM to D365 with expert guidance from Microsoft. I'm Ready

  • 2.  RE: Managing Leads and Contacts (existing owners) in DCRM

    Posted 7 days ago
    @Scott Grosse we are in a similar situation and run into the same issues and it's been a struggle for awhile to try and figure it out.

    We are set up almost exactly like you described, difference is we connect to Hubspot instead of Marketo.  We use the Status Reason field on a lead or Contact in conjunction with Lifecycle stage from Hubspot(that we sync into Dynamics) to help show ​where the customer is at in the process.  When marketing passes over an MQL the lifecycle stage is set to MQL and the status reason is New.  Our reps work through trying to engage, qualify to an opportunity and then will recycle if needed.  They recycle by changing the status reason field to some defined values that we set up - example "recycled - unable to contact"

    We are intending to have Hubspot/marketing reset that status field to New when a contact re-engages with us and reset the lifecycle stage to MQL so these will funnel back into the Dashboards for our rep, we have Dashboards set up for both Leads and Contacts for them to work.

    I've also had another idea that I'm trying to work through and feel it would work a lot better, unfortunately I haven't been able to even test this in the system yet.  As I've investigated the Lead entity in Dynamics, it has a lot of similarities and is out of the box set up to be connected to the Opportunity.  What I'd like to do is have a path of when a brand new lead comes into us from marketing, the lead gets created in Dynamics with appropriate information - MQL, source campaign,

    source, etc.  The rep would then engage and hopefully qualify into a contact and opportunity.

    If the contact then re-engages with us, we would actually create a brand new lead that is associated to the Contact record and would be populated with the "new" appropriate information – MQL, source campaign potentially different, source maybe different and then the rep can work this lead and hopefully qualify into a new opportunity.

    In the end you would have a contact record with multiple associated Lead records similar to how they can have multiple Opportunity records.


    I feel setting it up this way helps to easily work and distinguish for the reps and helps with reporting as you can report on the different ways leads are coming into the system and also helps to track what ultimately led to the qualifying into an opportunity and also what is driving the Wins and Losses as the information transfers over from the lead to the opportunity, source, source campaign, etc.



    Eric Veneziano
    Sales System Analyst
    Minitab, Inc.
    State College PA

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