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#Sales Report issues

  • 1.  #Sales Report issues

    Posted 19 days ago
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    It seems that with every week I find a change, that I have not created to our system.
    This week my reports header ribbon changed.
    Actually all entity(column)  headers have changed, they are missing Run Report.
    I no longer have the option to run reports from the reports entity or from an Opportunity or Lead entity.
    You can see the reports when in reports, but when you click on the report nothing happens and there is no run report at the top header.
    In the attached image, the ellipsis options but none that offer run report.
    Can anyone explain what is happening?
    Or more importantly how I can fix this. 
    It seems that weekly now changes are occurring that are unexplainable.
    I tried to get into the workbench to try to see what has happened there, but it kept timing out.
    I haven't been in the workbench now for 6+ months.
    I have not made changes to the system lately.
    Other than having to export some of the Note reports to report builder to fix the HTML issues.
    This is a simple export RDL correct the txt field and import.
    It's all reports now.
    The funnel that use to be available to go in the back so you could create a query is also missing from the top header.
    Your assistance is much appreciated.

    Chris Adams
    Nidec Motor Corporation
    St Louis

  • 2.  RE: #Sales Report issues

    Posted 18 days ago

    Hi Chris,

    When you try to open Ribbon Workbench, are you doing it from Advanced Settings > Customization > Solutions or are you using XrmToolBox?   If Ribbon Workbench opens, are you loading a solution that just contains Opportunities and Leads (or one of those individually)?  It will time out if you try to load a solution that has too many tables (entities).

    Also, it looks like you are in a "...Mobile - custom" app.  Is that the one you normally use?  Try switching to another app to see if the Run Report button is working there.



    Ben Edgren
    Solutions Architect - Business Intelligence
    Hufcor, Inc
    Janesville WI

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