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Portal - Entity Form with multiple steps

  • 1.  Portal - Entity Form with multiple steps

    Posted 26 days ago

    In a portal is it possible to have multiple steps for an entity form the same way you can do it for a web form?

    There are things only available in an entity form which we need which is preventing us from using a web form.

    Lee Chamberlain

  • 2.  RE: Portal - Entity Form with multiple steps

    Posted 25 days ago
    Hi Lee

    Yes, in the Portal Management app, start with a "create" entity form and then create a series of "edit" entity forms for each step of the way.

    On the "On Success Settings" tab, choose "redirect" and pick the appropriate Append Query to pass along the GUID of the record to the next step (e.g. Append Record ID To Query string)

    If you want conditional steps, you would need to incorporate some code to make that happen (e.g. create web template that queries the record, if X then show entity form A and if Y then show entity form B)

    I hope this helps.


    Nick Doelman
    Microsoft MVP
    Power Platform/Dynamics 365 Specialist
    Nick Doelman Co.

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