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OnPremise v9 Upgrade Issues

  • 1.  OnPremise v9 Upgrade Issues

    Posted Jan 04, 2019 07:12 AM

    I want to start a list of all issues one may encounter when upgrading to v9 on premise and how to resolve them.

    1.) Could not load SQL Management Objects dll
    - Install SMO and SQLSysClrTypes

    2.) Issues with Marketing Sales Patch

    - Comment out <configsolutionfile solutionpackagefilename="" publishworkflowsandactivateplugins="true" /> in Program Files\Dynamics 365\Setup\Serviceability\Latest\Actions_Org\Install\Packages\CRMApps\PkgCache_9_0_0002_3034\msdynce_MarketingSales\msdynce_MarketingSales\importConfig.xml

    3.) Issues with full text
    - Turn off full text and use Drop fulltext index sql command

    4.) Issues with dropping clustered index constraints
    - I am still working on this issue. Anybody solved this issue?

    Rex Kenley Tan, MCP
    Tallmadge OH

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