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Use App for Outlook with external Outlook

  • 1.  Use App for Outlook with external Outlook

    Posted Apr 10, 2019 05:49 AM
    We have an external partner that is making sales activities for us, and some of their employees have an active directory account with us (including an email address showing our domain) and a D365 user account. When using the App for Outlook, however, we face the problem that the App is not connecting to our D365 system. We suspect that this is due to that fact their local Outlook is basically linked to their 'default' mailbox (the one with the external company as domain) where the mailbox we have created was added as additional email-account - the result being that the credentials the App uses to connect would be the ones belonging to their 'default' mailbox, not the mailbox we added.

    Does that theory makes sense or would it be something else? Has anyone faced this as well? Any known solution?

    Additional info: we are using D365 8.2 on-prem, with ADFS, and for D365 users in our HQ or in other offices (with an additional VPN layer) the App for Outlook is working fine.

    Jan Van Haver
    G DATA Software AG

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