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Change BPF based on Case Type

  • 1.  Change BPF based on Case Type

    Posted Mar 04, 2019 04:06 PM
    Has anyone found success with a workflow that changes the BPF depending on the case type? We are exploring a specific case type for engineered to order quotes which will have child cases to track quote revisions. Those child cases will have a reduced BPF with only two stages. At this point, we have to manually switch processes once the child case is created which isn't ideal.

    Since we're in the early stages of exploring how cases will fit with our engineered to order quoting process, I'm open to other ideas. Has anyone else used cases for something like this?


    Rosemarie Cordell
    Business Analyst
    Newberg, OR

  • 2.  RE: Change BPF based on Case Type

    Posted Mar 04, 2019 04:34 PM
    @Rosemarie Cordell - Another route you may want to consider is using Branching Logic in your BPF. If you don't have a complex process or not many case types, then you could use the logic to alter which stages are shown or hidden, etc.

    You could check out more here:

    Aaron Back, MCSE
    Sr. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant
    CRMUG Board Member
    CRMUG Chapter Leader - Cincinnati, Ohio

  • 3.  RE: Change BPF based on Case Type

    Posted Mar 12, 2019 10:58 AM
    We had to do a little brainstorming and process flow reworking, but the branching method worked for our purposes. Thanks, Aaron! Super helpful!

    Rosemarie Cordell
    Business Analyst

  • 4.  RE: Change BPF based on Case Type

    Posted Mar 05, 2019 03:54 AM
    Hi There

    We use North52 (North52 | Simplifying CRM and xRM) to do this. it has a function in it to change the BPF on a form or even change forms.

    Paul Smith

  • 5.  RE: Change BPF based on Case Type

    Posted Mar 06, 2019 11:18 AM
    I agree with Aaron, branching logic is the simplest way to do this. We used to have separate BPFs and the switching never quite worked right. Now, choosing the type is the first question and it branches from there -  much cleaner, and it you change the type field, it changes the BPF in real time. This could also be solved with JavaScript, but I use that mainly to force people onto the new branching BPF rather than switching based on a field.

    Audrey Forrest
    Senior Accountant and Business Analyst
    Seattle WA
    CRMUG Co-Chapter Leader - Seattle
    D365 CRM V9, GP 2015 R2

  • 6.  RE: Change BPF based on Case Type

    Posted Mar 07, 2019 02:14 AM
    Agree with the above, branching if its simple, North52 or javascript if its not. Workflows will only update after the record is saved, which can have an unusual experience for the user (30 second auto save for example).
    Also note that switching BPF does not automatically close the initial BPF, it is possible for different users to have different BPFs running on the same record at the same time, so if you do need to go down that path, make sure to test thoroughly :).

    James Abraham
    Practice Lead, Dynamics

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