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record lever restricting access to Case

  • 1.  record lever restricting access to Case

    Posted 23 days ago
    hey everyone ,

    i have a issue with one of my application D365 application i'm building .  this application uses the CE module to track feedback.  we have multiple LOB (line of business) that are using the sane system to capture and work these feedback.  each of these LOB are separated in BU in dynamics to segregate update access but everyone in the system should have read access to all the cases.   the way the read access is done is that i created "read" teams in each BU instead of giving a global read in the CRUD . this enable me to turn on or off this view at the BU level.   here is the issue.  I've just gotten a new requirements that they want to essentially restrict sensitive cases to the BU .   the issue is that this goes agains the model.  I'm an old school Mainframe/Java programmer , to me this is row level locking . is there an easy (ish) way to do this.

    my initial though was to move the case to simply move the case to a "restricted" BU  but this is causing an other issue as i can assign the case to a user but to a team . this break the case update are at the user level not the BU level.  it also remove the feedback from reporting as it no longer shows up in reporting.

    i was looking at using access team or creating a plugin but I'm not completely familiar how they work ...

    does anyone have any suggestion on how to do this

    Martin Carpenter
    Senior It Specialist
    Canada Revenue Agency
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  • 2.  RE: record lever restricting access to Case

    Posted 21 days ago
    Hi Martin.  I am working on a project for another Government of Canada department and we call files that only certain people can see "exceptions".

    The model is similar to how you describe it but depends on having a user designated as "lead" on the record (in our case the user is chosen on record creation, but you could simply copy the owner before it is assigned to a team) and then adding that person to an access team.  We display the access team sub grid on the form view, and on record create use The Ultimate Workflow toolkit functionality to add the "lead" to the access team.  This step is critical so that there is at least one user that can add others to the file if required.  When the record is marked as an "exception" the record owner is changed to a restricted business unit (or could be changed to the lead user if you prefer) and all access to the file from there on out is provided by access team rights and privileges.

    Let me know if you want more details, or want to connect on GOC Teams.

    Tom Obright
    CRM Solution Architect
    NTTData Canada
    Ottawa ON

    The first step toward cloud success. - Migrate from CRM to D365 with expert guidance from Microsoft. I'm Ready

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