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   RE: CRMUG UK November 2014 slide decks
 From: Scott Jackson
 To: United Kingdom
 Posted: 11-18-2014 05:40 AM

+1 on the Thanks to all the speakers and a +10 to Adam for organising it.

Following the day, Gina Timm ( Dynamics CRM Marketing Manager for the UK)  who spoke at the event has linked me up with some people to resolve the licensing question of migrating to the cloud if you are half way through a software assurance subscription, as under the new online licensing terms online get on-premise license rights, but if I have on-premise license rights and paying software assurance then I would expect to not have to pay full price as we have effectively bought 3 years CRM on-premise usage.

The other point that I have asked Gina to help me with is to link me up with anyone inside or outside Microsoft that is fully using the CRM to Yammer integration as I want to get the integration fully working without causing too much noise on the Yammer network and enable our Account Managers to essentially "Follow" their Accounts and be kept informed of any meetings or interactions with their Accounts using the Yammer system that I am championing at our company and at the Yammer UK User Group meetings.  I'll feedback into the CRMUG at a future session how I get on.


Thanks all
Scott Jackson
Business Analyst
British Land

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Sent: 11-17-2014 05:37 PM
From: Adam Vero
Subject: CRMUG UK November 2014 slide decks

Thank you to all of our speakers for their efforts in preparing and delivering their presentations, we had some great sessions on Thursday on a wide range of topics.

Attached here are some of the slide decks used on the day:

Upgrading Highly Customised CRM Environments

Mario Trueba Cantero, Senior Developer / Consultant, MetroBank


Enhancing Sales and Marketing by Using a Sales Configurator

Tim Fowler, UK Sales Manager, and Darren Edwards Technical Consultant, Cincom UK Ltd (CRMUG Partner Member) with
Anita White, Head of Business Process and Change Management, dotmailer Ltd


Building Charts for Effective Data Visualisation by Modifying Chart XML

Adam Vero, MVP, Co-Founder of CRM Masters

Other presentations will be uploaded soon.
Adam Vero
MVP, MCT, CRM Consultant and Trainer, Owner
Meteor IT Ltd

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