Partner Profile: eBECS – A Global Company with a Global Experience

By Tonya Anderson posted 02-16-2017 11:20 AM


From the time eBECS was established in 1999, their drive to deliver a total Microsoft Business Solution has been at the center of their business. With an expansion to the US in 2006, eBECS designs and delivers solutions globally for customers in Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Not-for-profit, service industries and other related sectors. Focusing on ERP, CRM, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence –as a managed service and in the cloud – eBECS delivers a total Microsoft solution with deep industry vertical knowledge while specializing in global implementation.   

I had the opportunity to visit with Charlotte McCormick, Executive VP for North America and Stephen Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of eBECS, to talk about their involvement in the Dynamics AX, CRM and Power BI user groups.


Why did eBECS get involved with the User Groups?

Charlotte: eBECS has attended AXUG Summit for many years and has played a role in offering expertise in Manufacturing and unique IP that we deliver. AXUG Summit has been a great way to meet people in the community as well as learn from people in the community.

How has being engaged with the User Groups helped eBECS and your customers?

Stephen: Being able to show the art of what is possible for Microsoft solutions through knowledge power is a strong tenant. This is very much in line with what we have experienced with Dynamic Communities in delivering value – educating through your experts is a very good way to create a brand. It’s a great place to be able to share. We encourage our customers to talk to each other and learn from each other. Dynamic Communities is all about sharing and networking as well. There is no greater ambassador for your brand than your customers. To have your customers speaking at conferences is a great way to show the value – as a partner – what you can bring to the community.

Charlotte: We have been encouraging our customers to be very involved in the user groups. At the last Summit NA, we had 12 sessions we presented and had a customer alongside of us for each one. We used relevant scenarios to their business to share with the total community.

What has you excited about Summit EMEA?

Stephen: For eBECS, Summit EMEA is a great place to drive our customers to. With the transformation of Convergence, this is a great place to come to and continue a Dynamics focused event. It is a good place to meet up with customers, other ISVs and to learn and engage. 

Charlotte: One of the great things at Summit is to have Microsoft R&D to be able to ask questions to. It is a huge value to have that component.

Stephen: It is important for customers to see partners who invest in and can deliver value in relation to the Microsoft products, because the customer will benefit from that investment.  eBECS continually strives to be a leader in delivering products – like Dynamics 365 – and helping customers navigate the best solution to fit their needs.