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DynamicsCRM WordPress Customer Portal - The Best Fit for Your Business

By Maulik Shah posted Oct 06, 2018 03:36 AM

DynamicsCRM WordPress Customer Portal

Stay connected with your customers at all times and make your connection a productive one through Microsoft DynamicsCRM - one of the most popular CRM tools! It brings a lot of convenience for your CRM users as they can manage schedules, documents, cases, accounts and order sheet details with ease. Dynamics CRM WordPress Customer Portal not only processes your database but also keep its detailed records.

  • MS Dynamics Integrated Workspace
  • Created with WordPress
  • Secure Sign-In
  • Create Mass Credentials
  • View Quotes, Invoices, Orders and Contracts
  • Customized Module Layout
  • Calendar Management
  • Role Specified Accessibility

Portals are The Best Fit for Your Business
  • MS Dynamics CRM Customer Portal for WordPress provides single window solution for all customer interactions and assistance.
  • It is a customizable solution that gives you the space to add useful features and eliminate the futile ones.
  • WordPress DynamicsCRM Integration enables customers to connect with you online and manage their data quickly while having better control over it.
  • Communicate without hassle of emails or calls. Ticketing system saves a lot of your time.
  • Work easily with better user interface that has new looks and smart navigation.
  • Add all your CRM contacts to the DynamicsCRM WordPress Customer Portal and manage them by assigning diverse roles.
  • WordPress is an online, open source and feature-rich CMS. It allows you to customize your portal pages as well as add custom look and feel to your portal.

How to make Customer Friendly Portals for Businesses?
  • DynamicsCRM WordPress Customer Portal extends the basic functionality of MS DynamicsCRM and makes it a complete solution for businesses. It has organized and stacked elements on the dashboard beside its compact layouts. This enables users to operate the MS DynamicsCRM Customer Portal for WordPress with seamless navigation throughout the site.
  • Portals that are ready-to-use and they work as a scalable solution for you. Admin just has to sign into the system and start managing their operations with a rich user experience.
  • Data security is extremely critical to any business. Especially, when dealing with your CRM data, we are talking about your business critical information. DynamcisCRM WordPress Customer Portal is not like other plugins. It does not store or fetch any data to our DB. It simply connects your DynamcisCRM with WordPress. The data is secure on your servers and WordPress provides the interface to the end users with secure access. And, everything is hosted on your servers. The role of the DynamcisCRM WordPress Customer Portal plugin does not add any vulnerabilities whatsoever on your CRM data.




Jun 27, 2019 04:49 AM

Hello Nick,

It is a CRM portal and a ready-to-integrate plugin for Dynamics CRM. It integrates your CRM with WordPress frontend. Dynamics 365 Portal combines user friendliness of CMS with the robustness of a CRM.

Feb 20, 2019 11:46 AM

Is this wordpress or portals? It sounds like it could be a mix of both?