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Thoughts on First 2017 Meeting

By Lou Rainaldi posted 01-29-2017 08:23 AM

January 24th the Pittsburgh Chapter of CRMUG had it's first meeting of 2017. We had a nice attendance and the energy in the room was wonderful. This was the first meeting that I facilitated and I was nervous as would be expected. But the group was welcoming and ready to work together as a team.

We had the honored of having Terry Pavlin, a Dynamics CRM Solutions Architect from Microsoft for the East Region present the road map of Dynamics 365. Terry covered a wide array of features that are available within Dynamics 365 or coming very soon. 

Dynamics 365 with the introduction of Dynamics Operations or Finance is now truly about Lead to Cash! Tightly integrated systems part of Dynamics 365 guide users through the sales cycles and continue to the billing cycle. With the complete suite of Dynamics 365 there will be no need for integration for moving closed opportunities to projects and finally to billing and bring cash in. Of course, if you are using different systems integration will still be needed, but Microsoft is making this even easier also!

Project Administration is now part of Dynamics 365 and includes powerful project service automation. This once again helps build upon the complete business cycle extending pass sales while also providing information back to sales for customer relationship. We look forward to having this topic presented in a future meeting, if you are using this please contact me or one of the Pittsburgh Leaders to talk about presenting.

With the introduction of Cortona Intelligence, Dynamics 365 adds Relationship/Organization Insights which brings actionable intelligence based on information in both Dynamics Sales and Exchange Online. Imagine an email coming in asking for a quote and Dynamics 365 providing this information with actionable links to create an opportunity or send out a quote. Also, Dynamics 365 can notice that an opportunity has not be communicate with in say 30 days and you as a user will be provided with an action to follow up.

Dynamics Marketing is something everyone is excited to learn about and with the relationship between Adobe and Microsoft this is something that we must keep a close eye on. Another reason to attend CRMUG meetings to hear about this as information is available.

Power Apps, a new and powerful feature allows non-developers to build mobile apps that make use of Dynamics 365 entities and Common Data Service to build stream lined mobile apps that users can use without having all of the options available in the full Dynamics 365 mobile app. We would love to have a more dedicated this just on Power Apps.

Everyone at the meeting really enjoyed hearing and talking with Terry about the road map and asking questions about what we can do right now.

Each of the above topics could and will be covered in more detail in future sessions, we hope to see you join us at the next Pittsburgh Chapter meeting. The idea for the local user group is for users of Dynamics / CRM to gather and learn from each other and build relationships to help each other. I am a strong advocate of learning from each other and together we can help each other make the best of Dynamics 365 and make our jobs easier and spend more time building other more functionality for our users.

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