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The Face Behind the Subject Matter Expert: Meet the User Group Summit Medics

By Delaney Freer posted Sep 17, 2018 11:23 AM


The Doctors are in, October 15-18! They'll fix you right up!

Do you and your co-workers have a long list of issues on any version of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement & Dynamics CRM that you face every day and would love to have answered? For example...

  • After installing the upgrade to versions 365 2.2 we are getting bombarded with an error message. What gives?
  • As part of our 365 upgrade, how can I change the color of these System Icons that don't have the same functionality as entities in customizations? Another example would be most anything in the "Administration" section, like the icon for "Administration".
  • We are in the midst of an upgrade from 8.2 to 9.0 and one of the things we want to roll out to users is mobile functionality. How do we do this?
  • Through Manager Setup, I am wondering how others have handled setting up their hierarchy when they have a lot of people that need to be at the top?

No worries - There's a Medic for that!

The CRMUG Medic program started at CRMUG Summit in 2014 as a fun way for users to be able to help solve their issues. Said CRMUG Program Manager Laurie Gramer: "Our medics have been unbelievable at helping others." We are excited to introduce you to some of the ~25 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that are volunteering their time to work as CRMUG Medics at User Group Summit this Fall. Read on to get to know a few of the faces behind the SMEs:


Christopher Cognetta
Director, D365 Business Applications, Campus Management

  • What are your areas of specialty? Dynamics 365 CE, Cloud and Infrastructure
  • What made you decide to become an MVP? I love our product, our community and paying it forward. So it’s a natural fit!
  • How many years have you been a CRMUG Medic? I’m one of the original founders of the medics along with Carsten Groth. I got the idea when people would come up to us after speaking on a topic looking for help with their specific issue. Having the medics gives everyone the chance to get their question answered, advice given and real value from attending Summit.
  • What is the craziest problem you’ve solved as a CRMUG Medic? There’s so many stories here, some that go as far as Microsoft Russia asking to translate my ADFS presentation. I remember the early days on Dynamics Online upgrades and outages scared a lot of people. One customer had hours to complete their upgrade or get off the service. Their corporate browser standard did not allow them to move off IE 8. We were able to by some time moving them to hosted infrastructure, getting their software upgraded, and then moved back to the cloud.

Jery_Weinstock_headshot.jpgJerry Weinstock
Business Technology Specialist, CRM Innovation LLC

  • What are your areas of specialty? System Architecture, Microsoft Flow
  • What made you decide to become an MVP? It looked like another way to have fun.
  • How many years have you been a CRMUG Medic? Since the first year. 
  • What is the craziest problem you’ve solved as a CRMUG Medic? Helping an admin come up with a plan to convince the IT executive that using plugins was okay to do.

Jason_Lattimer_headshot.jpgJason Lattimer
Development Manager, PowerObjects / HCL

  • What are your areas of specialty? Development & Azure
  • What made you decide to become an MVP? I see it as a way to give back for all the things I’ve gotten help with (and still get help with) over the years.
  • How many years have you been a CRMUG Medic? Right from the start when the idea got off the ground.
  • What is the craziest problem you’ve solved as a CRMUG Medic? Nothing comes to mind as particularly crazy but I always enjoy finding new and better ways to help people get things done.

Come with a problem, leave with a plan.
The Medic Desk will be open during the break times between sessions. Gather all your co-worker's questions and bring them straight to the experts! This is a unique and valuable resource that will contribute to the overall conference ROI, but we have many other offerings available onsite in Phoenix, such as 180+ educational sessions, dedicated networking opportunities, and buzzing Expo hall full of 3rd party solutions. 
 Learn More & Register.

Unable to attend Summit, but still looking for help? CRMUG also hosts quarterly webinars with medics where users can bring their issues and a team of medics will help solve them over the web. Check out upcoming webinars here.




Apr 30, 2019 10:15 AM

I'm glad you found value in the CRMUG Medics, @Nick Hance! We also think this is a great program and are excited to offer it again at Summit in Orlando. We hope to see you there -

Feb 20, 2019 11:49 AM

This was really great, can we do it again?