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How to turn Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your sales secret weapon with sales automation?

By Adriana Vrablova posted May 27, 2020 06:39 AM


Sales usually goes hand in hand with CRM in business operations. Therefore, having a proper sales automation tool is essential to be effective. The question remains however, how can the Microsoft Dynamics 365 become a sales tool? 

Before we answer, what is sales automation? 

Sales automation is mechanical help with tasks that usually take too long along with CRM tools and artificial intelligence classifying and sorting the information to capture the most relevant for each business. Sales automation therefore, benefits your sales teams and business as a whole. 

The answer is: By discovering Touchdown add-on! 

Touchdown has recently released their Sales Automation add-on for sales engagement. The advantage is that while being a marketing suite, the complete integration within Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to benefit from the combination of CRM and sales automation. Become fully capable to manage and keep all the data within one CRM, your Microsoft Dynamics 365. Easily organise, engage, track and nurture your customers and leads. Touchdown has many benefits for sales reps as well as sales managers. 

Focus on prospecting and contact information: There are many ways to do prospecting, from your website forms, webinar attendees, new subscribers to your newsletter and so on.  

Email automation: Once you will have the email addresses sorted out, you can rapidly create your email sequences and automation scenarios to engage all the leads with a few clicks. 

Nurture your leads: Once you are engaging the leads, Touchdown automatically sorts the manual and automatic replies. The connection between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics will synchronise your data. You will never miss a lead! 

Qualify your leads: With Dynamics workflows, you can simply qualify your leads when they meet your criteria. 

Schedule meetings: Massive lead engagement and a control over the replies will help you qualify around 35% more scheduled meetings. 

Reporting: You always have access to your live statistics from the automation as well as from each email campaign. Use it to your advantage and keep an eye on your sales performance. 

Lead rotation: One of the most time-consuming tasks! Once your automation scenario is in place you do not need to rotate the leads manually. It is much simpler to adapt your sales email sequences and find the sweet spot to get the most out of your efforts. 

Lead scoring: Easily score all your leads within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Define your own criteria and keep all the data within one place! 


Ready to enrich your sales effort and close deals? 

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